Saturday, August 30, 2008

Frames---Faith, Hope and Love

These are the beautiful frames made by my friend Elizabeth. She had been wanting to get together to make these for awhile and we finally did it in early August!! :0) We dug through all of my Designer Series Scrapbooking paper that I sort of hoard---I have LOTS of paper, but I'm trying to get better about using it and letting others use it too. Anyway, this is some retired paper called Brocade something or other. I only had a little bit, so for the HOPE frame we had to improvise with cardstock, stamps and ink! I think that it turned out just beautifully, what do you think?

I hope that you are having a wonderful Labor Day weekend. I'm spending it at home trying to do some work and some fun. I got some cards stamped today. Now once I get around to snapping some pictures of them, I will post some pictures. I've been playing with my punches for my upcoming Getting Punchy Stamp Camp in Sept. Check out my EVENTS on the side of the page for the date, times, and cost of my classes. Then make sure to contact me to sign up!!! :0)


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Kathryn said...

We passed by your home today and thought of stopping, but since we hadn't called you first, we decided not to this time around. Qavah was already pretty tired, too. Hope to see you soon. I still have the bag of clothing for you. And I might want to buy a round punch soon. We have a square one, but I'd like a round one.