Monday, January 21, 2008

Blog Name

I keep forgetting to tell you about my blog name and how I came up with it. Well, my up-up-upline in Stampin' Up! (r) has named her group the "Inky Angels", so I am an Inky Angel. Once you achieve the Sr. Supervisor title with Stampin' Up!, then you can name your group (which includes you and all of those who have signed up under you and those under them and so on to the fifth level). Since I am a Sr. Supervisor, I decided that it was time to name my group. I wanted to do something that had the "Inky" in there in honor of my up-up-upline and because all of us who stamp know that almost everytime, we end up with at least inky fingers!! So I began to ponder that at the same time that I was going to start my blog. I decided to make the two similar if possible. My next thought was the time that I am usually able to spend stamping. And like many others, that seems to be late at night....when I should be asleep and dreaming!! So, I named my group the "Inky Dreamers" and my blog "Amy's Inky Dreams" (minus the apostrophe and spaces!). I'm glad that I finally remembered to explain to you the reason for my blog name! If any of you are interested in signing up to sell Stampin' Up!, you could become part of my group and be both an Inky Angel and an Inky Dreamer! How cool is that!?!

Now, I wanted to share one quick card. I sent the BLOG CANDY to my winner, Bluemoon, in Canada. It just arrived this past Friday. I had included a card made using the set that she won (since I had another set just like that). I also wanted to use the same colors of cardstock, ink and ribbon so she started with one card example using those items. Here is a picture of the card that I sent her. (All items used in this card are Stampin' Up!.)

Once again, Bluemoon, I hope that you are enjoying your new stuff!! Have a great day, everyone. It is a holiday for lots of folks so maybe you will have time to stamp at least a little today. :0)

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