Friday, May 16, 2008

My stamping space

I know that this is hard to believe, but I am still having e-mail touble and now internet problems too!! We have the satellite people coming out today to install a new dish, so I am hoping that then most of my computer woes are over! Computers----they're great when they work, but not my favorite things when they don't work!!

So for today I thought that I would show you some pictures of my stamping space for those who have never been to my house. You'll have to try to come over for a camp or class sometime! My room is in my basement. (And it is a little messy in these pictures, but it's an often used, well loved space.)

As you can see, I have six tables that can be arranged any number of ways for whatever is needed for my classes. That makes them very convenient! You can also see the 4 drawer file cabinet that I use for all of my 8 1/2" x 11" paper. I have the 12x12 paper in containers on the bottom of the little bookcase and in a plastic container on one end of the countertop. Too much paper. I hoard paper because I love it, but I don't want to run out especially if it a discontinued package.

I have part of my stamp sets of our built in bookcases, but another part on a little bookcase that my husband made years ago. And the little yellow stickers that you see on some of the stamp sets mean that those are retired! I just love them too much to part with them yet though. :0) I have a hanging shoe holder on the wall to keep those odds and ends close at hand and visible so that I remember to use them. (You know what they say---out of sight, out of mind! So true.) I really need to somehow put my punches out so I can remember to use those, too. But I'm always trying to upgrade and improve my space.

And you can see half of my countertop/desk area in the final picture. I have my ink pads there and all the extra ink pads are on the wall unit. (I use that for my Stazon pads and the In Colors.) I would really like to add some shelves to the wall there so my countertop area would be more usable. Someday.... And all of those drawers and cabinets are stuffed full of supplies as well. Incredible!! Actually as I am sitting here looking around my room, I believe that a coat of paint would be an excellent idea soon. I wonder when I can work that into my schedule....

You can also see some large totes around the room....those are pictures that are patiently waiting to be scrapbooked. Can you imagine so many pictures? Please tell me that you have lots around that need to be done as well. :0) And I'm not even mentioning all the pictures that are currently trapped in my computer from the digital camera.

And in case you are wondering, the tiles on the floor are made into a chess board. They are 12"x12" black and white tiles, and we have huge chess pieces to go with the board. (The king is 12" tall.) Maybe I'll take a picture of them for you sometime.

Have a great day! I hope that you enjoyed the tour of my stamping space today. I'm trying to make my post quickly (so not so detailed) because I am using a telephone connection. I don't want the phone to be tied up all day. Happy stamping!!


Anonymous said...

Hello, Amy--

You know, as many times as I've been to your home, I never realized the checkboard tiles were for chess! That shows you how observant I am. Thanks for tour of your "space"'s neat to see what others use for organization, etc. Like I've never seen yours, huh? Have a beautiful day!! Connie

Kathy H said...

Wow, I love your stamping place!!!

Twila said...

Hi Amy,
I just wanted to tell you that I love your space! Including the giant chess board! How fun!