Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Frames and geese

Today I want to show you some frames that were made by a friend. She made them for four of her five children---she thought that she could do the babies' frame later. Each of these frames are 5"x7". She bought frames for them after she left my house, so I don't have pictures of them. They sounded perfect though!

The last picture is the one I had promised of the baby goslings after they had hatched. (Click on the picture to see it larger.) There were four eggs that hatched and two that did not. Then three of the four babies disappeared, so now we only have one little gosling left.

I want to also let you know about the Stampin' Up!(r) July special. Buy any of the Hodgepodge Hardware at a 25% discount---only $20.96. Contact me to place your order any time.

Happy Stamping!


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