Sunday, July 18, 2010

Stampin' Days

Meredith, Abby and I had some time to stamp this weekend.  I know that you are probably shocked!  We had so much fun!!  I wanted to share some pictures of the girls' creations.  I didn't take any pics of mine.  I was continuing to convert all of those card fronts that I collected over 6 years into actual cards.  I did 75 cards on Saturday, but only 7 today.  Maybe I was having a little burnout today!  LOL

Here are Meredith and Abby's masterpieces:

Meredith's card #1

Close-up of card #1

Meredith's card #2

Meredith's card #3

Meredith's card #4

Meredith's card #5

Abby's card---outside

A close-up of Abby's card

Inside the card

Meredith's card #6

Okay, this is most of their cards.  I didn't get pics of Abby's 2nd card yet.  Didn't they do great on their own?  I was so busy with my card fronts that I didn't really help them with their creations.  They are very talented if I do say so myself!!

Have a great day!  I hope that you will have time to be creative!!

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