Monday, January 10, 2011

Psalm 119:105

I was coming in from picking Emily up from work on Sunday night and just thought this lamp was so picturesque with the tree limbs behind it.  It made me think of Psalm 119:105.  As I ponder more about it, life can be just like this.  Sometimes it is very dark and I can barely see anything around me.  The light helps me to see, but only for a short distance.  God will light our feet and our path before us, but He only uses a lamp not a floodlight.  We can sometimes only see the next step we are to take.  For all we know there could be dangers all around, but we only see that one step and should not try to move out of that light that our Father provides for us.  God paces our steps in order for us to avoid many of those dangers, I believe.  When we rush ahead without waiting on God's timing or when we try to veer off the lit course He has made for us, that is when we run into trouble.  May we each strive to follow the steps that God lights for us as we sojourn here on earth.  May we not run ahead, lag behind or veer from the designated path.  May we learn the lessons that God has for us on that path.  There will be pain and heartache along the way, but it is still a safer and more rewarding path than the one without God with us!!

Blessings to you,
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